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Artistic Director and conductor of Collegium Musicum Berlin

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Passionate Conductor of

Collegium Musicum Berlin

Donka Miteva studied choral conducting at the State Academy of Music in Sofia and orchestra conducting at the Robert Schumann Hochschule in Düsseldorf.


Donka Miteva worked with numerous ensembles in Germany, Denmark, Estonia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Portugal, South Africa, Panama, China a.o.


After graduating in 2007, she was appointed at the State Opera in Münster, Germany as a conductor and choir director.


In 2011 Donka Miteva was appointed Artistic Director and Conductor of Collegium Musicum Berlin where she works with the four classical ensembles at the Free and Technical Universities Berlin – the Symphony Orchestra, the Big Oratorio Choir, the Chamber Orchestra and the Chamber Choir.


She is the winner for numerous awards with her Collegium Musicum Berlin Chamber Choir and Symphony Orchestra at prestigious competitions in Germany and over the world.


She also teaches Conducting since 2019 at the University of Arts in Berlin.

Donka has made it her mission to offer guidance and support to young choral and orchestra conductors, offering them opportunities to work with the Collegium Musicum Berlin Ensembles on a regular basis.


Donka is a sought-after clinician, adjudicator and workshop leader at many prestigious international events such as the World Choir Games, European Choir Games, Grand Prix of Nations and is also a member of the World Choir Council.

New Recordings

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W.A.Mozart - Requiem 


W.A.Mozart - Requiem

Introit, Kyrie

Donka Miteva - promo

Soothing instrumental piece that transports you to a tranquil place.


  Exciting Concert Dates

Closing concert ESOF 2024

Münster, Halle Münsterland

Dora Pejacevic - Symphony in F sharp Minor, Op. 41

16 March 2024, 8pm

Harmonie Festival Limburg

Collegium Musicum Chamber Choir

09 - 13 May 2024

09 May - Opening concert - 8pm

10 May - Musica Sacra concert

12 May - Competition Mixed choir and Musica Sacra 

Chamber Choir A cappella

Berlin, Französischer Dom

28 June 2024, 7pm

Collegium Musicum Berlin Anniversary Concerts 

Berlin, Berliner Philharmonie

30 June 2024, 3.30pm, 8pm

Concert 1 - 3.30pm

Anton Bruckner - Te Deum

Florence Price - Symphony No. 1 

Concert 2 - 8pm

Gustav Mahler - Symphony No. 2

15. Rothenfels Choir week and conducting course

21 July - 28 July 2024 - Burg Rothenfels

Eurochoir 2024

04 - 11 July 2024 - Rehearsing Session


12 July 2024 - Concert at the Varna Summer Festival, Varna

13 July 2024 - Concert at the Solinaria youth festival, Sozopol

16 July 2024 - Concert at the Sofia Music weeks festival, Sofia

Christmas Oratorio

03 December 2024 - 7pm - Apostel Paulus Kirche, Berlin

04 December 2024 - 7pm - Apostel Paulus Kirche, Berlin

14 December 2024 - 8pm - "Bulgaria" hall, Sofia, Bulgaria


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Berlin Phiharmonie

Photo shooting with the Collegium Muisum Berlin Chamber Choir

Photo shooting with the Collegium Musicum Berlin Chamber Choir


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